Sunday, September 26, 2010

"Boo" Book

Good evening everyone.  I was at Michael's and saw the cutest paper stack from K & Company and I just had to have it!  I love their paper stacks because the paper is nice and heavy, the colors are rich and they are printed on both sides.  Sometimes it's hard to decide which side is the cutest!  I was browsing around different blogs last night and ran into a really cute tutorial that Emma made over at My Creative Time.  I don't own a Gypsy, and doubt I ever will, so usually don't watch tutorials about them because...well...I didn't think it applied to me.  Well, I am feeling fairly silly now because I DO have the Cricut Design Studio software and it is basically the same thing!  So, after watching her how-to on making a Word Book with the Gypsy, I decided to try my hand at the same thing with my Design Studio.  Using her tips, I made a similar cut-file:

I used the tag in Plantin Schoolbook.  I did a hide contour on the tag so there would be no hole at the edge.  The tags measured: 
3.5 x 4.35
3.5 x 4.89
3.5 x 5.43

I made sure the letters were 3.5 to be exact in size as the tags and then nudged them onto the tag and welded them together.  I had to fiddle around with it a bit, but it worked out okay in the end.

I used my new toy the i-rock!  It does rock!  Of course it's one more thing that I want to buy lots of new gems and such to go along with so I will continue to be broke.  It's always something!! 

So here is how it turned out.  I made two of them for the new grand-babies.  I know their parents have already bought them cute little Halloween costumes for their first Halloween, and so I thought these little books would be fun to display those pictures.  They are also small enough, that they could be mounted onto a scrap book page...sort of like a scrapbook within a scrapbook...why not?

I bound it using some wire from my Zutter.  I merely punched a couple holes in the edge of the book using my Crop-a-Dile (since it can easily punch through all the thickness) and slid a couple links of Zutter wire through and finished it all off with some ribbons.  Usually these books are bound with O-Rings, but...I make due with what I already have on hand, and I think it looks pretty cute!  Beside that, I liked that the wire was black.  My photos really don't do the cuteness of this paper justice!

I am thinking about doing a little video demonstrating the i-rock.  Maybe tomorrow?


Nicole Wright Designs said...

Shelley, WOW I ADORE THIS!!! I don't have the Studio to make this but now I want too! This is AWESOME!

ScrappyScavenger said...

I have studio, havent had time to learn. So cute!

scrapbookingforfun said...

Beautiful! Your work is always outstanding! said...

You did a great job!!!!
I have both DS and Gypsy...
I think Gypsy is easier, but do not like the small scree, so sometimes I prefere to create in DS (which frustrates me a bit)

Now, have you learned to share your files? LOL just kidding, I really like it!

Banner Market said...

Super Adorable! Love the papers you used too. Thanks for sharing this great project with us.

Unknown said...

This is SO cute! I LOVE it!

Denise said...

Wow!!! I love it. I have the DS I only know the basics. I would love to see more of your DS projects. Love your Boo Book.