Monday, July 27, 2015

Embossing is the BOSS!

I have to admit, it's been pretty fun the past few days, thinking and planning and scoping out new ideas to stamp.  I have been a paper crafter for many years, including designing my own stamps, but admittedly, I didn't necessarily enjoy the process of stamping.  (I's quite shocking, really)!!  But these past few weeks, I have really, really enjoyed playing with all my new Stampin' Up! toys and getting my fingers all ink stained.  It's awesome!  Some times my creations are pretty and I like them and other times I just toss it aside.  We all have a standard, you know?  But one of the things I really have enjoyed is scoping out other blogs, pinterest and places where I learn new techniques.  Sometimes I just have to try and duplicate the creation because it's so pretty, or fun, or just want to try!  I ran across a blog last night that I knew I wanted to CASE her project.  Her name is Angie, and I know I am going to have fun looking through her ideas.  Here is one I had to try!

Her example used different colored papers and inks, but I worked with what I had and I like the way it turned out.  I embossed in white and then using a sponge dauber inked up the embossed images.  Very fast and fun!

Did you know that you can shop from my Stampin' Up store 24/7?  If you place an order over $50.00 I will send you something special from me personally.  If you place an order that equals $150 or more, you qualify for Stampin' Rewards and that means free products!  Please look over the links at the top of my page because there are a lot of different options to consider.

Built for Free Using: My Stampin Blog

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Stampin' Club

Do you have a crafting wish list that is longer than your grocery list?  Do you want to host a Stampin' Up! party but are worried no one would come, or you don't have time to plan for one...or maybe you quite simply don't feel like playing hostess in order to get what you'd like to have?   I may have a solution for you! 

Join my Stampin' Club:
When 6 people have signed up and committed to spending a minimum of $25.00 each month in products (before shipping and handling) they will join our Stamp Club!  How this works:
  • Everyone will be assigned a month where they are "host"
  • Everyone will receive a catalog from me, to do their shopping
  • Everyone purchases a minimum of $25 by the 15th of each month using a unique hostess code provided by me. (this will satisfy the $150 requirement to earn Stampin' Rewards!)
  • When it is your host month, all the credit will go towards your party.  This is a good time to get your friends and family to purchase as well, so your party totals more and you receive more Stampin' Rewards!
Please email me if you want to participate and as soon as I have 6 club members committed, I will contact you with the details. If we end up with more than 6 club members, we will create a new group of 6.  If by chance you come to me with 6 friends already committed to your own club, let me know and I will toss in an extra bonus!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Paper Pumpkin!

Hello Crafters!  I am very excited to introduce you to Paper Pumpkin!  I just signed up today for the monthly subscription that Stampin Up offers.  Paper Pumpkin will come to your door once a month for a subscription price of $19.95.  This even includes the shipping and handling.  And now through Sept 10, 2015 you can receive the first 2 months for HALF OFF!  Yes!!  When you follow the link at the top of my blog, or via this link, enter the code:  halfoff and you will automatically receive the 50% off.  After the 2 months are over, you will revert back to the regular price.  It's a great way to test the product out and see if it is as wonderful as I think it will be.

When I signed up to become a demonstrator I received a sample of a previous Paper Pumpkin kit.  I opened it up and made a little video of what's inside.  In advance I want to apologize for the quality of my video as well as the sound.  It is time to purchase a new camera because the quality of this one has been affected.  But, I wanted to get this offer out to you as soon as possible.  So, if the video makes you crazy to watch...just follow the link and browse around and give it a try.  Then, you can follow me as I receive mine and we can work on our projects together!  YAY!

I also have the finished image of the project that came in this kit.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

What's in a Name?

If you have followed my blog in the past few years, you probably were already aware that I have gone by Heartstring Designs.  I had picked that name up many years ago when I had to come up with a name and couldn't think of I went with it.  As you may notice, I have a new look to my blog.  A little simpler and a different name.  Shelley Bean.  That's the nickname my dad gave to me when I was a new born baby and I think I identify with that name better.  Hence, the change.  But, you can use the old address URL or the new...either way, it will get you to the same spot.  And either way, I hope you continue to come visit.  I have some things I am working on and look forward to sharing them with you.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Butterfly Basics

I was looking through Pinterest the other evening and ran across some ideas for my new stamp set, Butterfly Basics.  I love the idea of stamping in varying shades of the same color to get the depth that came across in this example, where I got the idea at this blog. I used Old Olive for my ferns and Blushing Bride for the contrast colors.  I am very happy about the way it turned out.  Please follow the links below if you'd like to check out the products used.

Built for Free Using: My Stampin Blog

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Official Announcement!

Since my mojo was way overdue for a new bout of energy, I have decided to take the plunge and become a consultant for Stampin Up!  I love their products; the quality is fantastic and I like the idea of being creative and sharing that with all of you.

Please hop over to my store and look over the products now available.  Very soon I will be sharing with you projects I am working on, videos and tutorials featuring their wonderful products.  Maybe you will be interested in purchasing, or maybe you will just enjoy taking the opportunity to get some ideas that you can use for your own crafting adventures.  Either way, I hope you will join me!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Pin Win or Pintrosity?

Hello Friends!  It's been ages since I have blogged, let alone crafted anything.  Thanks to pinterest and some searching I was doing to try and decorate my new sitting room I ran across an adorable little lampshade that was covered in rolled roses.  Of course, I had to give it a try!  Here is my finished lamp below.  Pretty cute, isn't it?
Here is how I made it:
I started by going to my local fabric store and buying about 3 yards of an inexpensive sheer fabric.  Along the selvage, I made 1"-1.5" snips.  I then tore them off in one long strip that creates the frayed edge you see here.  
 To create the rolled rose, I started by folding the fabric ribbon in half lengthwise and rolling it about 4 times, then securing with hot glue.  I then opened the fold up and twisted and rolled the twisted ribbon around, applying hot glue as I went.

Here is how it will look as the rose develops.  I used the entire length of the fabric ribbon to make the standard size flower.  If I found I needed a smaller ribbon I used less than the full length.  This was helpful in filling in smaller areas that didn't quite fit together.

When I get to the end of the ribbon, I simply tucked the end behind the flower and glued down.
Here is the completed rose!

 As you can see....this takes a lot of flowers....A lot.  It's not a quick project to be sure, because the flowers are going to take some to create, but I do think the finished project is adorable!  Tell me what you think?

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Where Have I Been?

Hi Friends.  It's really been a rough year for me.  My mojo was already waning last summer into fall and then in January, my dear mother passed away suddenly.  It was pretty devastating to me as can be imagined and any kind of creative outlet I thought I might have completely left me.  I am still an emotional wreck for the most part, but I am learning to deal with this and try to take care of my heavy work load as well as family.  I just haven't really been taking care of me.  I was home sick from work the other day and whilst laying in bed and bemoaning how I felt, I was watching endless hours of HSN.  They were showing craft supplies and make up products. My 2 favorite things!  I began to feel some little awakenings in my mojo, so here is hoping that will come back full on very soon.  I do confess that I have been a little jealous of some of my crafty friends and their design team projects on Facebook.  I haven't even picked up a copic marker in a's time.  I think it's time.

I did do ONE crafty project though after my HSN marathon.  I ordered a Crystyler.  Have you seen this thing?

You load the crystals into the handy dandy pen and then with a flick of your thumb on the lever, they neatly click out onto your project.  They made it look so easy!

I received mine and decided to bejewel a pair of black flats.  I think my 1st project should have been a nice flat, level surface (like a card) but you know how it is.  I think I can do anything.  For the most part, I think I nailed it.  I was brave enough to wear them to work.  And I did receive some compliments.  One thing though I have to mention is that the flats are made of a soft, thin fabric.  And while they were comfy enough without the crystals they became pretty uncomfortable with the jewels.  I think adding all the solid hard and encrusted surfaces, wreaked havoc on the angled and bony parts of my feet.  Oh usually comes with pain!

So, what do you think?  I wouldn't mind a little blog comment love.  It's been such a long time! 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My Progressive swap Album Completed

It has finally arrived and I am proud to show you all.  I was overwhelmed by the talent and creativity of these ladies and what they put into my album.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I created a video to show it off.  I do want to I will be having a conversation with my son this evening on returning things that get borrowed...but, this is my only day off from work where I felt I could create a video with people being around and interrupting me.  (Basically, what I am trying to say is...the camera is a bit shaky and you may get views of my messy work area or computer keyboard more than I had intended).

Just as a refresher, this is what I sent off on it's merry way and finally made it home to me:

And here is what I received back:

Monday, December 2, 2013

Progressive Swap Round 6

Here is the last mini album in the progressive swap.  It has been a lot of fun!  I received my album in the mail already and will be sharing that with you all tomorrow.  Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised and overwhelmed how great my album turned out and want to thank all the participants in our group.  It was absolutely lovely.

Today, I want to share Jennifer's album.  Jennifer's album was fun and funky with her Bohemian Graphic 45 papers.  I loved the rich and vibrant papers she choose for us to work with.
I decided to let the papers say it all with the pages I created,  I did add some paper flowers from Graphic 45 though, along with some gems in the background.

On this album I opted for a corner piece where Jennifer can place a photo or she can use it for tags.

I added some Auhentique papers on this flap because I thought the whimsy of the verse worked.

the back page has another corner anchor and a flap for more tags.
It was a joy to get to participate with this great group of ladies and I look forward to sharing the final results of my own album tomorrow.  Please come back!