Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I know you have seen all those cute plastic clear pails and buckets at your local craft store.  I have, and a few weeks ago I bought a few of them because I knew I would eventually come up with something to do with them.  Then, a couple weekends ago, Archivers was having a make and take at their store and for a small fee we could assemble a really cute one.  I went and participated.  It was pretty fun.  The other day I was looking at my empty buckets and decided I could replicate the one I made at Archivers.  Well, my version of it anyway!  I utilized some of the scraps left over from the mini album I shared with you the other day and this is what I came up with:

Kinda cute?  Here it is again, this time filled with candy.  Now....who to give it to?
Does everyone know how to make the fun accordian fold flower embellishments at the top?  I have seen them all over but really didn't know how they were made.  It's actually fairly simple!
1.  Cut a strip of paper as wide as you want the size from the middle out
2.  Cut the length depending on how full of a flower you want.  I think this one was about 8"
3.  Score the strip at 1/4" intervals
4.  Accordian fold on all the score lines
5.  Adhere the 2 ends together "rooftop to rooftop" (just picture it in your makes sense!)
6.  Push the circle of folds in at the center.  It's a little wonky at first, but it will work if you mess around with it.
7.  I adhered mine to a circle of paper so it has something to stick to.  Use glue and hold in place until stays. 
8.  Top it with any embellishment you like.

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