Monday, August 22, 2011

Grandma's Brag Book

Hi again.  I made a sweet little "Brag Book" to carry around in my purse.  It's filled with cute pictures of my grand-daughter and I thought I would let you all take a peek!  I found an online tutorial on how to build these awesome little things but I have lost the link so I will try and layout the steps and dimensions here and I made a short 40 second video that demonstrates what it looks like.

To build the book here is what you need:

1-Double-sided patterned paper  4.25"x 12"
3-Solid paper 4"x12" (1 piece of 12 x12 paper works perfectly)
Score patterned paper at 1", 6.5"; 7"
Score 1 solid piece at 5.5"; 9.75" (trim paper at 9.75" score line)
Score remaining pieces at 4.25"; 8.5"

Taking Patterned paper fold at all creases.  At 1" crease insert large end of solid paper and fasten with brads.
Take 2nd piece of solid paper and glue to equal sized flap at end of attached solid piece.
Take 3rd solid piece and glue larger end onto shorter end (will not match up size wise)
Accordian fold pages down until they tuck into album.  Refer to video to see how this should look.

If there are enough questions or interest I can film a tutorial on this if needed.

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JKclark said...

It's adorable! She is so lucky to have all these creative things to look back on.