Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Playing Catch Up!

Happy Tuesday!  Happy for me because I am home from work today and taking some time to show you some projects I have worked on lately and want to share.  Keep an eye out over the next few days as I work on playing catch up!

Today I thought I would share a page I made a few weeks back for a challenge I was in.  This is a layout I did of my son Trey when he was a toddler.  Now he is 16!  My, how time does fly!
It's a simple page really.  But, I thought I would share.  I still admit to not being a very good scrapbooker...but I keep trying.  I think I lack patience with my pages and make them either too simplistic or too over the top.  I can't seem to find that balance required that makes for a great page.  Oh well.  Someday many years from now someone may look at them and at least admit, "she gave it an effort!"  :)  One thing I wanted to mention that hasn't occurred in a long time....I am posting this after the challenge was over.  You know what that means?  That means for once I am just sharing a project without promoting any store and no product endorsement. I want to try and do more of those posts.  It was a realization the other day that readers really don't get to know anything about "me" other than a product endorser unless I share.  So, here I am sharin'! 


JKclark said...

I love the sharing, just because. I also personally like the simple pages. It lets you get to more photos and in the end that's what matters... right? I know, not a very "scrapbook-y" answer. Looks great.

Georgiana said...

Summer break began today, so I am trying to play catch up too. Good luck with getting your list done. : )

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