Thursday, August 2, 2012

Flower Idea!

Webster's Pages Purple Tutu Trim   Webster's Pages Blue Tutu Trim
If you were wondering what you could do with the adorable Tutu Trim from Webster's Pages now available at Paper Patch Crafts, I have a nifty idea for you.  Why not make a flower? 
  1. Using a circle punch cut 1 with heavy cardstock
  2. Using hot glue or quick dry craft glue, start at the outside edge and apply
  3. Following the edge wrap the trim around the circle
  4. Feel free to use more than one color
  5. Finish off with a cute embellishment in the center.
Kind of fun!  You can buy a vast assortment of colors of this fun trim at Paper Patch Crafts!  Just follow the link to Webster's Pages.  

1 comment:

JKclark said...

Super cute! You could do the same thing and put it on a headband easily. Great idea.