Sunday, December 2, 2012

Baby Day

Happy Sunday.  Over Thanksgiving week I was fortunate enough to have all my children home.  It was wonderful. That was 2 week ago though, and I am still recovering!  I sure am not as young with the bounce-back reflexes I used to have.  But, was wonderful.  Here are my sons with their wives and my grandchildren.  One of my daughters in law was absent in the photo.

We also have a new addition to the family!  My oldest son and his wife recently brought a new little sweetheart into their family.  Sidney Jean was born this past month in November.
Here she is with her big sister!

Oh yes, crafts!  Here I was bragging up my family when you may have been checking in merely to see what new craft was completed recently by me. :)
I found this pattern on pinterest recently and decided to make a new heirloom for my newest grand daughter. Aren't these sweet?  The pattern seemed simple enough, but for some reason I was having a very difficult time getting it to work out.  I would share the pattern with you, but I had to purchase it, and so it would be wrong to infringe on that copyright.  If you follow me on pinterest though, you can find the links to it yourself.

I have been working on some crafts lately and hopefully will make a tutorial later today that I can share a little later this week.  Tomorrow...please pop over because I have a monster project I just finished yesterday that I want to show you.  When I say monster, I really mean...I turned into a monster while creating it because it was a long process.  But, I really liked how it turned it.  

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