Thursday, February 25, 2016

Using Blender Pens and Inks

Today I decided to create a video demonstrating how I color using blender pens and ink pads from Stampin' Up.  I am not sure if the way I do this is the way they were intended, but I find that it creates a nice effect, not unlike my past experience with Copic Markers in my former videos.  (which I will be have at a link on this blog)  Since the ink pads are water based, as opposed to alcohol based, they have to be dealt with almost like water colors, but the effect is still somewhat different.

I would love to hear your opinions of the final outcome of this video.  In advance, I would like to apologize about the lighting of the video, I need to work on establishing a better vantage point for the camera, but overall, I think it is good enough to get the idea.

To use the ink, I dab a clear stamp block onto my ink pad, and that creates my palette, where I can swipe the blender pen across to pick up the ink.  I make sure that I color only 1 petal or area at a time before moving onto the next area.  This allows the image to come to life.  I also try to color in the direction of the growth of the petal.  I continue by adding layers to make more depth and shading, and gradually move out to the lighter shade of the same color by using less ink on my pen.

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