Sunday, May 8, 2016

On Stage!

My goodness!  I haven't done a post here in quite some time, (again) and I do apologize to the 5 people that may actually still read my blog.  But, I do have some things to share with you in the next few days, I just have been slow getting them posted.  But, here I am now!

In April, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to attend the OnStage event for Stampin' Up I thought I would share a little bit about that in my post today.  Or rather, a lot, because there will be lots of photos.  :)

I flew into Salt Lake City, Utah, and settled in at the Hilton Hotel, downtown.  I shared my room with fellow stamper, Stacie Webb.  We stayed on the 17th floor and had some very urban views from our window,
Mostly, however, our views were more like this, because it was a very wet visit to the city.

After I arrived, some of us met up to go as a group over to Stampin' Up headquarters in Riverton.  It was an amazing visit and I didn't take many photos, but it's a gorgeous building. 
Stampin' Up! Headquarters
The shipping room, where all my lovely products are boxed up and sent to me.

This is myself and Shelley Lee.  This was a nice wall of pretty flowers.

The first night there, our group met up with our leader, Robyn, and we all walked to an Italian restaurant and enjoyed everyone's company,  We were all very excited for the next day when the fun would begin,

Before Onstage began, many met to swap cards with each other.  I brought 50 to swap out, and they were gone fairly quickly.  Later that day we were able to finally enter to the Main Stage area.  Oh my goodness, what a presentation they put on too.  They had a live perform for us and the lights were down and set to rock star level,  It was hard not to get swept up into the excitement all around us.   The events lasted for 2 more days, and I had so much fun. There were presentations (as well as we all received the new catalog), demonstrations and giveaways.  Then outside of Mainstage there were make and takes, product display boards and new products demonstrations.  So much fun.  I was pretty tired at the end of each day!
Group Selfies with ladies we met waiting in long lines
Highlights from the event:
Party like a rock star!

Shelli Gardner and Sara Douglas
A group of us waiting to walk over to the convention center
The  Mormon Tabernacle Choir was doing a practice recital

Stacie and I walked to temple square right before dusk

This is me with my roomie, Stacie
It was a lot of fun, but soon it was time to go back home.  Now I have lots and lots of cards and ideas to share with you.  I will post some things I have made in the coming days and I hope you are as excited as I am about the new catalog.  Stay tuned, sneak peeks coming up and a giveaway as well.

One last photo.  Look at the creepy little guy that was hanging out in the SLC airport while I was waiting to board my flight.  Oh my goodness!!

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Denise Bryant said...

Can't wait to see the catalog! Looks like you had a great time, and got some fabulous ideas too! Looking forward to you sharing some of your creations with the new sets!