Monday, July 3, 2017

Craft Room Tour

On this nice Monday morning, I thought it might be fun to share my crafting space with you.   Recently, I moved from my small office downstairs, where everything was always in a jumble to such an extreme, I couldn't concentrate enough to feel any creativity, to an unused bedroom in my upstairs.  My husband and I had been systematically working through each room giving them a nice fresh coat of paint, and I mentioned it would be nice to have more room and so he had me plan it all out.  It took quite a few weeks for me to get it the way I liked it, but I finally feel ready to have my reveal now.

Where it all happens!  Here is my desk, surrounded by all my favorite things.

This work table is where I do my die cutting and heat embossing.  I love the peg board where many items are available and within reach.  The table has some built in shelves that can't be viewed from this shot, but they store more items, such as older dies and embossing folders, along with binding equipment and other such tools.
A view from my doorway.  I sit with my back to the window and enjoy a lot of natural light.  A beautiful tree is outside my window and I can hear the birds singing all day.  I honestly would be happy to spend days in here.

Another angle from my desk.  I love this desk so much.  It's long enough that I can make a nice mess while I am working on a project, but still find some reason to the chaos.  In the past, it wouldn't matter how hard I tried to keep up with the clutter, I would lose all inspiration because of the mess everywhere!

All the many, many bins.  I have filled them with all the supplies I have acquired over the years from design teams as well as Stamping' Up!  I have labeled them for easy reference.  Now everything has a place to go.

Another view of my work table.  I love my Ikea cart too.

It's a lovely creative space.  I feel very blessed.
And last but not little sitting nook.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my craft room.  Come visit me and we can craft together!


SugarGem said...

This looks amazing! I want it!

Unknown said...

Love it Shelley!

Mary C said...

Love, love, love!!!