Saturday, March 6, 2010

Scrunchie Flowers!!

I was really excited to find an online blog that gives a tutorial on how to make the ultra cute Scrunchie flowes.  You can check it out over here at Carrie Stamps.  I didn't have the exact tools she demonstrates with so improvised with a couple punches I bought an eon ago from Family Treasures.  I tried to look this company up online and couldn't find them.  I am not sure what has become of them, but almost all of my paper punches were bought from them about 12 years ago. (Yes, 12 years is an eon..didn't you know?)

I believe my punches are also a bit smaller than the ones in the tutorial mentioned above.  My flower punch was about 1.5" across.  It seemed to work fine though.  I was happy with the results.  Here are a couple cards I made today using my scrunchie flowers.  I love them!

As usual the light in my craftroom isn't very good, so these aren't as true to color as they are in reality, but you get the general idea.

Now the only question do I mail these cute cards to someone?  They are VERY dimensional.  It's still a fun technique, and I am glad I discovered it.


Trish said...

Beautiful cards. I love the flowers. I think even I could make those flowers. Your sketching is amazing.

Nicole Wright Designs said...

Thanks for following Shelly, I have posted your link to my blog, and have posted your link under my post this morning... Go take a peek and let me know what you think:)

Cute stuff...LOVING the treat bag!

Marlene said...

These are adorable. I do the same thing, you know...make all these "dimensional" cards and then scratch my head. :) Actually, I plan on just throwing them in a bubble wrap envelope. A little more pricey to mail, but, worth it. I *could* be crafty and actually make a matching little box for them - but that would be too much like work, and take me away from making the cards, which I love to do...haha.

Found your blog via that Canadian Nickel scrapper chick. :)