Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Springtime Flowers and Crafty Daydreams...

As I sat in my craftroom this morning, with the sunshine spilling through the window, I decided it was time to make something simple and springtime motivated.  What better than a sweet treat you can give a friend or loved one?  With Easter right around the corner, I find myself thinking of flowers and pastel colors.  So combined with a bit of is what I came up with.

I used the Plantin School Book Cricut Cartridge to make the flowers.  Using various paper scraps from my handy-dandy scrap paper drawer, I was able to create the header.  The bag was purchased from

I have decided I want an ATG gun..  I went online to look for the best bargain, and was astounded to find how expensive these things are!  I am not too sure I will be able to justify spending that much on an adhesive tool, but I find myself envying those that already have one.  I go through the tombo adhesives so fast, and the last Glue Glider Pro cartridge I bought was defective and it makes me sick to think I spent $8.99 on that refill.  What's a crafty girl to do?  My main gripe with many of these adhesives is they work great temporarily, but in a few months the glue starts to unstick itself from the paper and all the effort seems a waste.

When I look around my little crafting room here, I have to take stock and realize there have been a lot of "I want...I want...I want..." moments.  It's true.  This is probably my biggest weakness.  Buying scrapbook and crafting supplies.  It is like that week before school starts in Elementary School when you get to go with your parents and buy school supplies.  I would get such a thrill out of that new box of crayons, the cool pencils and erasers.  Oh, and nothing was more exciting than a new bottle of paste or a new glue stick.  I just couldn't wait to crack them open and start using everything.  Of course that newness wore off when it came to actually doing the school work.  But, I digress...

So, now I covet an adhesive applicator that is around $60 retail.  The only justification I can come up with is the refills are relatively inexpensive by comparison and the waste is minimal when the tape runs out.  (Just a small plastic ring to toss away as opposed to large plastic pieces that multiply a little faster because they don't contain as much product to begin with.)  So, here goes my rationalizations.  I just hope my husband doesn't read this post and catch me fantasizing about this would entirely ruin all my fun of dreaming when he puts the clinker on the whole scheme with his ever practical, "You want to spend how much on what?".  I love that man, but I hate it when he is right!


Anonymous said...

I think we're related, ha ha! I just bought one of those pink and green glue glider pro's (because I had a 40% off coupon for hobby lobby and couldn't find anything else I just had to have that day)... I like it ok so far but I don't think I can see me spending on the refills unless I have a coupon... This is the most expensive hobby!

Janie said...

You are just like most crafters ! I can relate totally to what you are saying !! I have a huge list of things I want ! I do have an ATG GUN and I love it ! The tape goes for miles !! I really am serious !! There is a ton ! And your first big investment it the gun but usually they come with several refills ! So it will ptobably be several months depending on how many you get before you need anymore ! When you buy your refill's they come in a large pack and they are pretty resoniable considering if you try every glue you can get at the craft store ! Also it holds like super glue even on glitter paper !!Hope that may help you out some ! I am trying to save in my own craftroom and I am looking at items that last a long time and serve more than one purpose !