Saturday, June 5, 2010

Copics Tutorial Video: Blending with 2 Colors

I had a few requests to show how to blend with 2 colors using Copic markers.  I haven't had a lot of experience with this because I bought my color families in 3's so I would have a light, mid-tone and dark color for blending purposes.  But, with the price of these things running from $4-$6 each, it is understandable to want to find less expensive alternatives to using them.

I played around with the techniques I researched and gave it a whirl.  I want to apologize in advance for some choppy editing.  When I finished it I was nearly 12 minutes long and am only allowed 10 on youtube.  So, here and there I whittled away 2 minutes and it wasn't easy!  LOL...Please let me know if this is helpful and if there are any other tips or ideas you would like to see.

After the video...please come and join me at my facebook page.  Here is a quick link!

6 comments: said...

This is great!!!
I learned a lot!!
Can't wait 'till you get certified!

Anonymous said...

oh ty ty ty. you are teaching me so much. ur the best

liz at liz's paper loft said...

thanks for another great lesson! you're reminding me of the tole painting classes I did oh so many years ago. you are so creative..keem up coming!

liz :o)

Banner Market said...

Great video! Thanks so much for sharing your tips, its a great deal of help and I love your technique. Pls keep sharing with us. Anything that you do would be great. For one Id like to see more skin tone coloring. thats my weakest part. I dont get dark enough around the edges.
Thanks again and cant wait for more.

Unknown said...

this is AWESOME!!! AWESOME! Did I say AWESOME?!?! thank you SO much for this vid! It is inspiring me to get some COPICS! Although, I could never ever color like you, you are SO darned good at it :)

Beth said...

Shelley this was GREAT...I learned so much from this video. I am so happy that you created it. This will def. help when using copic markers (especially if you don't have that inbetween color). Thank you again, very very much!