Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Father's Day Challenge at MPS

I wanted to get my submission in for the Father's Day Challenge at My Pink Stamper.  This idea came to me last night and it probably needs some explaining...because it is one of those back-story kind of cards that would be a private joke between my dad and I but probably seem a little lame to anyone else.

When I was a little girl, my dad collected those old 78 rpm records from flea markets and auctions.  We always had these stacks of them around the house and I would sometimes listen to them on my little disco record player. (yeah...I know..)  There were a couple of them that were children themed and he would let me use them all I wanted.  One in particular was made by Danny Kaye and his daughter Dena Kaye in 1955.  (Yes, before my time) If you are interested, I found a recording of it here.  Anyhoo.....One of my happy memories with my dad is singing.  We always sang in the car on road trips, while gardening...where ever!  And my dad being the teaser he was, whenever I would sing the opening line in the afore mentioned song, "Daddy Dear, Daddy the world really round?"  He would state flatly, "No.  It's flat!"  My dad is now 76 years old, and when I see him...he will still say the very same thing!  So, I decided it was finally time to give him a special Father's Day card this year:

The inside of the card, of course, reads:  "NO, it's flat!"  I think he will get a kick out of the memory.  Happy Father's Day my Daddy Dear. :)

I used Design Studio and Makin' the Grade Cricut font cartridge and Give a Hoot for the image cut.  I also decided to keep the card very, very simple...because this card was more about the message than the design.