Sunday, March 21, 2010

Etsy Anyone?

Just a quick update.  I don't have any new tutorial offerings or projects I have been working on.  I haven't been allowed a minute to feel very creative lately.  Life happens know how it goes.  I did take the advice of one of my readers and join the Etsy world to offer some of my paper flower creations to those that might be interested.  If you are, you can follow my link off to the right.  Or, you can make them yourself...which I think it more fun anyway. :) Just as a sneak peek though, here is how I am packaging my flowers for those that decide to buy them from me.

Kind of fun?

I am thinking I may try to offer some of my handmade cards as well.  I really need an outlet for all this creativity.  You can only make so many cards before you run out of people to give them to.  Anyhow, happy Sunday, everyone.  I will try to get in a couple new posts before my trip next week to the coast.  I am long overdue for a vacation have no idea!


Marlene said...

Awesome!! I just purchased my favorites! :)

MisCdaisy said...


I am sooooo excited!!! My sis-in-law just had a baby! I told her when she gets home from hosptial that we needed to have a flower making party, using your tutorials. You are so creative!!!

btw... I wanted to let you know that I am passing a Beautiful Blog award along to you... check out my post called "yea for me"... If you'd like to accept the award!

<3 Mel

teetle81 said...

Good luck with the Etsy account. I started one too but haven't gotten a chance to add much. I've been too busy making things for other people.

I nominated you on my blog for the "Beautiful Blogger award. Just wanted to let you know :)