Sunday, April 11, 2010

MPS Challenge (Pink, Green and Black)

I decided to try my hand at the latest challenge over at My Pink Stamper.  My mind was a bit blank as I thought about what I wanted to create and then I made the mistake of looking at a few other submissions.  I only consider that a mistake in that it can sometimes lead to copy-cats and lookalike projects.  That is fine of course, we all learn by following others' examples, but I wanted to come up with something that was mine and of course once I peeked at a few others I felt I wouldn't be very original.  As usual...I did too much over-thinking!  Anyway, this is what I finally created.  It's kind of cute, albeit rather simple.  I made a few extra to include in the card sets I mentioned in an earlier post.

The green in the photo looks a bit more like sage than it really is.  In reality it is more of a springtime/mint green.  Ah usual my photography skills will be the ruin of me.

I made the flower using the Accent Essentials Cricut Cartridge.  I borrowed this cart a few days ago and have been trying to get as much mileage out of it before I return it. I applied some stickles to the middle layer on the flower, a black brad in the center and the paper and ribbon were some very old scraps I had from the stone-age when I first started scrapbooking and cardmaking.  In another words...I have no idea where they were bought.

Give me your opinion?  It was fun to have a contribution. :)

As a sidenote:  After submitting, I went and looked at many of the other submissions after all.  Wow...some very talented crafters out there.  You are all so awesome! :)



scrappykeels said...

i love what you did with your ribbon- unique.

Winnie said...

Lovely card.

Simply Pam said...

I really like your card, it is so pretty. I love the layering look you did on your flower. I'll have to try that one out. I agree w/ K.A.G., I loved the little extra in your ribbon. :) Thanks for participating in the MPS Color Challenge!


liz at liz's paper loft said...

I really like it! That's funny that you mentioned looking at the other submissions. I won't look at them, in fact I try not to look at the designer ones until I have an idea. Once I'm finished with mine, then I will go and look evryone elses. Other wise, I'm like you, I feel I've been lead.

My Creative Time said...

Wow, this is a pretty card!
thanks for joining us @ MPS!

Scrappy Mel said...

I love it! Very pretty and elegant..sometime I find that I over do the embelishments so I tip my hat to you making a simple and beautiful card!

Marlene said...

Very pretty card.