Sunday, October 9, 2011

My handy dandy Copic Album

I do believe you can make an album for just about any occasion or purpose.  I ran across this idea recently and knew it was something I HAD TO HAVE!  What more does a Copic obsessed fan need than a Copics mini album.  The idea is really very clever and quite useful.  You can print the file for the pages over at Copic Munkie.  It was a freebie..and how can you resist free?

This is my finished album.  I made the cover very simple because I wanted to keep it flat enough that it could travel in my purse on the way to the craft store (for more Copics of course) and also so that the embellishments wouldn't fall off if they were bumped around.  It is important to print the pages you are going to be coloring onto the same paper you usually use to color with your copics.  This way you can get the truest color and quality of your inks.  I use the Neenah White paper.
I used my Bind-it-All to put these pieces together with a chipboard cover
The inside cover sports a little pocket for notes or lists of pens for my wish list.  There is an acetate page that  is on front of the title page.
Using the bind it all and then snipping away a little of the acetate I cut this acrylic page that can easily snap in and out of the book.  The acetate has a dual purpose.  I can place it behind pages that I am coloring to avoid bleed through and the acetate can also be used as a palette for color blending.
There are 3 pages that encompass the color options.  The idea is to color them in with your colors so you know what your inventory is so as not to buy duplicates.  I also use it to see what colors look well together.
There are 3 tabbed title pages
Earthy Naturals, Basics, Muted Pastels, Brights
I am going to use these for color combinations I like to use such as: Denim, Aqua, Red...just so I remember what I used to achieve a look I was going for.
This will be so much more than hair and skin, but was the title provided.
I will stamp or draw something here and then write the combinations of markers I used to achieve the look.  I should have had one ready to show, but this is going to be a work in progress for awhile!
 I hope you like this idea.  I sure think it will be helpful.  A nice place to keep my thoughts, trials and success jotted down for future use!


Banner Market said...

great idea! I love it! Thanks for sharing.

Sunshine HoneyBee said...

Great inventory & such idea for Copic markers. I tried out Copic markers at the store but held off buying. I need more coloring practice with my pencil crayons.
"Sunshine HoneyBee"

Tracy said...

I made two of these a few months ago.
Funny thing is now I have all the Copic markers, so I don't need the first page anymore, lol.

Scrappin Crafter said...

This is just FABULOUS!!!! You truly are the Queen of Copics Shelley! Hugs!