Friday, November 11, 2011

Copic Cubbie Adventures

Hello friends.  Today I thought I would briefly share with you something I made.  It's not my best effort, to be sure, but it will come in handy!  About a year and a half ago when I starting playing with Copic markers and decided they were probably the best coloring marker ever created, I wanted a way to keep them handy and accessible...and above all else somewhat organized.  I searched around until I ran across this very cool shelf organizer.  LOVE it.  The shelves are slanted downwards so the pens stay put and it only takes up about 5.5" space on my desk.  The only problem is, all my pens were crowded together and mixed up because I never found money in the budget to buy a 2nd one.  (How would I afford more pens if I spent money on their shelf?  That's like spending your last dollar on a wallet and then having no money to put inside of it)  But, one day when I went looking for the Studio 3 website where I bought mine, the site no longer existed!  WHAT?  But, all was not lost...

I came across a very creative lady at a blog that took the idea of the shelf and ran with it.  You can read about her adventures HERE.  I tried using the dimensions she listed and they were a great starting point...but I really wanted mine to match up more to the shelf I already bought.  And you may wonder how I managed to build this handy dandy shelf without spending a fortune on wood, saws and sanders?  That's simple....FOAM BOARD.  I thought it sounded lame and cheap at first.  But, really all it was...was cheap!  It's much sturdier than you would imagine.  I don't think it's so lame.  Do you?

The one on the left is mine.  Yes, it's not as pretty as the one I bought, and the dimensions are not perfect because I am math challenged, (please don't look too close at that first shelf) but the Foam Board cost me a whole $1.97 and I already had a craft knife and hot glue gun.  Now...I have room to fill it up with more Copic Markers.  YAY!  And if I get too crazy...I can always build another shelf!


Marianne S. said...

Hi Shelly,
Your Copic holder is great. Before you told me differently, I thought the one on the right was your homemade holder. I don't know enough about the Copic markers and storage and thought the one on the left had a smaller space at the top for the pens, I think they are blenders or white or something like that. This is just the incentive I need to use my foam board for a homemade ink pad holder and for that I say thank you! Keep up your beautiful work!

Marianne S.

Peggy said...

Great job , I did the same thing with poster board and I love it!!

Banner Market said...

great idea!