Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Plethora of Mini-Albums!

I have been very busy despite not sharing anything new here in awhile!  Today I finished up 11...count 'em; 11 mini albums for friends at work.  It took pretty much every evening after work (staying up a little later than I usually do) plus 2 full weekends to get them made.  But, I promised to have them ready before Valentines Day...and I made it!  This post is very heavy with I hope this page won't take too long to load.  The albums are made with mini paper sacks and include 6 pages and 18 total pockets total. Each pocket contains a tag and a mat for a photo.  The mini tag can be used for journaling or maybe even a coupon for that special someone!  Here goes:
The little rose is one I made.  You can see how in my tutorials link

More handmade flowers!

This was a special request from a friends whose son loves sports.  Mini -albums can be very versatile!

Pyramage is a fun form of decoupage.  Layering the same image over and over again to achieve depth.


Colleen Chapman said...

I am in awe Shelley, these are absolutely gorgeous!

Jacilynn said...

how sweet! I love all the details you've added. What a special keepsake.
Hope you are staying warm in this Idaho weather.
:) Jacilynn

JKclark said...

That is a lot of work, but I'm sure they'll love them. I love how they can be so personal. Exactly what each person wanted. Which is what makes having someone personally craft something so much better than buying an item from the store. Talented as always!