Saturday, June 5, 2010

CNS Summer Vacation Challenge

Happy Saturday everyone.  You will probably see a few posts from me today, because I am in a really crafty mood.  I think some of it is because of the amazing activity over here yesterday with my new give-away.  You all are the greatest!  As you have probably heard, we hit 100 pretty fast, and so I am upping the value of the prize by adding on a cool set of un-mounted stamps from My Heart Stamps for You.  The card I am going to show in this post is from them and was designed by yours truly.  Check them out!

Nicole over at Canadian Nickel Scrap'n has a very cool Summer Vacation Challenge going on.  She is giving away a fun summer themed cricut cartridge.  Here is the card I made to enter in the challenge.

I am always inspired by the sea and collect lighthouses.  Some of the reason may be I am a Pisces, but I think the actual reason is because I was born in a little seaside town in Oregon, and grew up only 13 miles away.  Now I live in the desert area in Idaho and really miss the ocean and (believe it or not) a gray rainy day now and then.  *sigh....So anything having to do with the beach; that would be my pick for the perfect summer vacation.

I used Copic markers to color in my images.  I didn't track which ones I used for what because I was in a grab-and-see-what-happens kind of mood.


Beth said...

Yay! You entered in on the challenge..Awesome! I am a california girl myself and I, too, miss the beaches A LOT. A much needed vacate to cali is calling my name...Very cute card!

Madison said...

This is a beautiful card Shelley. I am a California girl too! It is so nice here today. Beach weather for sure. Wish I could transport you here:) Love your work.

Nicole Wright Designs said...

Thanks for entering my first challenge Shelley. Your card is stunning. I love it! I know just what you mean. I grew up on Van Island and now live in Alberta! Funny how we miss rain! said...

I am a California girl and the weather is a bit hot today, but guess what... I hardly ever go to the beach!! My excuse is that I am from San Diego and moved to Riverside County and is not the same!
I love your card!

Nicole Wright Designs said...

wow I was swinging back to re-post because when I went to leave my comment it came up with an error. So, I had to close it. Looks like the error was a double post? Wierd.

Anonymous said...

amazing. u r soo talented

Myrna said...

This is a fantastic card.
Prairie girl here but love the ocean.