Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hey Foxy...

I was quite surprised that I had to agree with all the rave reviews on the Create-a-Critter cricut cartridge.  Everywhere I looked people were using it and gushing about it to the point that after I bought it I didn't use it.  That's right.  I have had it for over a month and other than removing it from the plastic overlay, I had not even cracked it open. (I am a little bit stubborn and didn't want to seem too redundant)  Well...this cart is awesome.  Yes, the images are cute as a button, but the creative features are so easy to use.  I cut this little fox out quicker than anything...didn't even have to use much brain power (let me tell you, that is a bonus)!

Emma over at My Creative Time is having her first challenge.  She used an older cartridge for her example, but I didn't see in the rules as that was a prerequisite to enter, so am taking my chances with this little character.


 I decided to make it for my hubby (hoping he isn't reading today) for Father's Day.  I am really dating myself with the verse, but being a child of the '70's we used to call a good looking guy (or gal) a fox.  Well, the main thing is...he will 'get it'.  And why oh why don't I ever notice things before I take pictures and edit them (such as slightly crooked ribbons)...ah well.  It's not a perfect world.

8 comments: said...

Hey Shelley this is really cute, I get it! lol

How do you get your signature on your pics?

Madison said...

That is so cute! He will love it! I love, love, love Create a Critter! I am doing Emma's challenge too and it was hard to use Animal Kingdom after using Create a Critter. You will see my card soon:)

Beth said...

Super cute! I went over My Creative Time and I love her introduction.."Throwback Thursday..." That is awesome. Since I am fairly new to the cartridge world, I don't have many cartridges; however, that won't stop me from getting in on this challenge. Love it!

Beth said...
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Lori said...

SUPER CUTE! I am hopping over froM Emma's blog - so glad I did - loved your rose tutorial - gonna try that later! :o)

Anonymous said...

i love this card. it is perfect

Myrna said...

Love this little fox.
If there isn't a mistake somewhere on creations they aren't originals, so I have been told. :)

My Creative Time said...

Your card came out AWESOME! I did say that if you didn't have the Animal Kingdom cartridge that you can use what you have & it just had to be an animal theme!! & Your card is PERFECT!!
Thanks for being a part of my very 1st throwback Thursday challenge!
Big Hugs,